Spaniard based in Sydney, Australia. Heading Service Design + R&D at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Previously frog Shanghai & Amsterdam.

I'm formally educated in Fine Arts and Digital Design, I have comprehensive expertise in running large Experience Design projects for leading organisations, successfully bringing to market meaningful products and services. Some of my most recent engagements consisted of developing a scalable design vocabulary and unified design language system for one of the largest financial entities in Asia, and envisioning and leading a team of designers, technologists and strategists, developing concepts around new groundbreaking mobile and imaging sensing technologies for one of the world's most historically significant mobile phone developers.

I strongly believe that:
• Good design is a problem–solving endeavour
• To be a good designer, one needs to be a good writer first
• Great solutions result from sharp thinking, people–centric insights and skilled craftsmanship
• In design –just as in every other important thing in life– timing is critical
• All design triggers new questions which are best answered outside the comfort zone
• Design is always a system and, at the same time, an ecosystem. Balance is non-negotiable
• Creating grids makes things understandable. Breaking grids makes things usable
• Good design is, by definition, challenging and innovative

Speaking highlights:
Design for emergence: Cities, Networks & Platforms
Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney, April 2015
Shaping customer experiences through Data
MacWorld Asia, Beijing, August 2014
The third wave of Computing
IxDA Australia, Sydney, May 2014
Innovation Acceleration
UX/UI onLAB, Tokyo, December 2013
Designing products with Sensing Technology
FAB Cafe @ Loftwork, Tokyo, December 2013
(im)Perfect Singularity
IT World Korea, Seoul, October 2013
Design for Inclusion
1%Club, Amsterdam, October 2012
Beauty & Aesthetics of Failure
Zink! Project, Valencia, June 2011
Beauty & Aesthetics of Failure
Istituto Europeo di Design, Madrid, April 2011

It amazes me how some places carry a sense of being stuck in time. Some corners here and there seem to linger on, like somebody else's memory of another place in time, vaguely remembered and materialised and glimpsed by passers-by in a sudden act of creative imagination.
Oftentimes I'm asked what do I do for a living and what kind of a job do I have. While not necessarily short, I always try to provide an uncomplicated and straightforward answer, yet I repeatedly see how the most difficult part to understand lays in the fact that my job is kind of indistinct from life itself, so one could argue that I'm both always working and at the same time I'm actually never working. And yes, I do get paid for doing that.

I consciously try to avoid the term innovation to describe what I do because I find it misleading, a bit intimidating, kind of ambiguous and ultimately, loaded.

In this case, a purposeful and innocent oversimplification puts a stake on the ground that provides a satisfying enough answer and helps drive the conversation just as fine. I like to think that by doing so, I clear out unnecessary distractions and manage to strike the right balance of quenching curiosity –through a somewhat vague explanation– while minimizing the visible annoyance of trying to make sense of what the hell I'm talking about. In all seriousness, what I ultimately do is to think about the future and how people might feel when it comes, to put it in context and to help make it happen. The funny part comes when surfacing the details of how it happens.

For example:
  • I work with forthcoming technology but I'm not an engineer
  • I'm deeply engaged with creativity, yet I'm not an artist
  • I conduct in-depth research but I'm not a sociologist
  • I don't necessarily need a fixed office space
  • I'm able (and required) to rapidly switch languages and cultural behaviours
  • I feel comfortable with uncertainty and like making sense in the fog
  • I travel frequently for a diversity of reasons and places that don't add up to a clear pattern for untrained eyes
  • Days of the week, holidays or the timezone I happen to be in don't define when I work and when I don't
  • My most valuable skill and asset, above anything else, is intuition

The predominant comments I get when I explain this is: "Woah... that's amazing! How do you do it?" to which I can only say: "I don't know. I just do it." I'm just a very fortunate person that's lucky enough to spend life doing what I like best. If you haven't imagined how you want to live your life yet, I urge to do so. Act on it. Today. Now. Don't miss the opportunity of being the most yourself you could ever be, and don't let the illusion of today condition the potential of tomorrow.

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